Popplesnik Peak: A Mountain with Two Sides


Popplesnik Peak (here seen from the south face) attracts many tourists each year as it is widely believed that if you mount the summit on the full moon whilst carrying 3 small shopping bags of blue lizards, you will be blessed with magnificent hair for thirty-one subsequent moons. However, beware: if any of the lizards are more green than blue, or if the shopping bags are medium sized, or the bags only half full, the bearer will suffer a ragged mane that grows awkward, unsightly tufts at extremely high speeds and needs constant trimming. Naturally the nearest towns are brimming with black market blue lizards, and plagued with lurking hairdressers waiting to pop a turquoise lizard in your bag, or steal half, or switch the bags altogether. Others make their livings performing last minute approval checks on the bags, although some of these are really hairdressers in disguise so guidebooks recommend you check your own.


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