Levitating Rock Discovered on Small Yak Farm in Quafflip Province

Levitating rockIn what is believed to be the first case of its kind, a large rock has begun levitating on a small yak farm in the province of Quafflip. It was discovered on Friday afternoon by farmer Macario Falossa: “The wind has been terribly brisk of late, so I was out in the paddock giving the yaks a cup of cocoa and adjusting their shawls when we heard a disturbance amongst the rocks. At first I thought the wind might have blown over one of the yak’s paddling pools, but when I rushed over I saw a large rock, the size of 1.5 yaks, lifting slowly but surely off the ground. When it was about 3 yak hooves off the ground it stopped rising and began to hover, where it remains. I am shocked that something so miraculous (aside from my magnificent yaks) has happened on my small, modest farm.”

Previously discovered mysteriously levitating objects in Klah include: 3 x garden rakes, a box of cornflakes, 2 berets (one black, one red) and a family of sparrows. This is the first known rock. Farmer Falossa plans to run guided tours on his property to see the spectacular marvel. Visitors will be able to have their photo taken with the both the rock and the yaks, experience levitation themselves with the help of a wacky mirror maze, and purchase hats shaped like rocks.

*The Klah Gazette has two free passes to the Falossa Farm to give away – simply send in a detailed description (600 words) of your favourite rock to go into the draw. Winners will be drawn June 29.

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