New Prediction by Oracle Shrubbery


Oracle Shrubbery, Western Klah

The front cover of the latest Kingdom of Klah Lookbook features a famous landmark in Klah – the seemingly unremarkable at first sight, but definitely very remarkable at first conversation, Oracle Shrubbery. This famous piece of foliage is known for its strange habit of starting up discussions with random passerbys, and its favourite topic seems to be Things That Are About To Happen Very Soon. So far he has accurately predicted winning racehorses, number one pop songs, and several full moons. Oracle Shrubbery’s explanation for this is that his roots go very deep and the ends have spread into the future, allowing him Deeper Understanding. This year he has predicted that those who obtain one (or a number of) this seasons official Kingdom of Klah garments will be blessed with extreme happiness, great wealth, and most importantly, a dashing smile.

One thought on “New Prediction by Oracle Shrubbery

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