Royal Master Artist Collaborates with New Zealand Scientists in Research on Rare Bird

fabricarus-webThe Fabricarus / Pahewahewa pohehetias at Harwood’s Hole, New Zealand, 2006. Photo by Barry M. Parvus

Kingdom of Klah’s Royal Master Artist, Nina van der Voorn, has collaborated with scientists from one of Klah’s closest allies, New Zealand. A large eagle has recently been discovered in the South Island of New Zealand and a team of scientists and volunteers has been working to collaborate information and find out more. Above is the only known photograph of Pahewahewa pohehetias, or the Fabricarus as it is more commonly known. van der Voorn has been documenting the existing evidence for the Fabricarus Society since 2011, as well as recording new evidence as it emerges:

cargill-hillAnnotated flight path of the Fabricarus, as seen by geography student Lazarus Tackson, June 2012, Mt Cargill, New Zealand

Mr Tackson also recorded notes of what the Fabricarus did at each point, and these, as well as images of its bones, eyewitness accounts, gizzard stones and even a recording of its call, will all be on display at the Dunedin Botanical Gardens Information Centre (New Zealand), November 1st –   December 31st 2013.