Sir Nikolai Helps Inspect Klahcti for Grovelbugs as Plague Spreads

nickolai-cactusSir Nikolai kindly volunteers his time to inspect Klahcti for the dreaded Grovelbug

A plague of Grovelbug insects is threatening native Klahcti in the northern deserts of Klah. The Grovelbug¬†(Snivellus grovelli) is despised by gardeners, conservationists, and indeed anyone who ever goes outside, for not only does it rob its host Klahcti of essential water and nutrients, it emits a constant noise of grovelling, whining and excessive grizzling. This is both incredibly annoying and dangerous to stress levels in Klahcti and passing mammals, many of whom have in turn developed Footus stampis and Angermanagementi problemus. Since late last year numbers of Grovelbugs have been steadily climbing, encouraged by the¬†exceptionally humid weather and damp sandy soil in which they lay their eggs. S. Grovelli is found on the lower leaves of Klahcti, and once located, can be quite easily removed using a simple plucking motion of the fingers (while steadfastly ignoring the hideous sounds of Grovelbug crying and whinging – for those with a low tolerance to such things, a small spray into each of the ear canals of No-More-Whinge is recommended, available from the children’s section of your local pharmacy). Sir Nikolai himself is involved in the Plague Effort, and the Klah Gazette would like to applaud him and the other volunteers for selflessly giving up their time for this important cause.

To join the Plague Effort yourself, please contact your nearest Conservation Office.