New Season Expedition Survives Perilous Voyage, Cargo Jubilant

Kingdom_of_Klah_Lake_PomberoLake Pombero, Kingdom of Klah

Today Klah awoke to some magnificent news, that the expedition of new season stock has survived the perilous voyage from Klah to the Kingdom’s Beloved Stockists. Cleverly disguised as a shipment of asparagus-shaped telephones (to avoid detection and being mobbed by excited fans) the expedition travelled through treacherous seas in golden ships, dangerous meadows prone to prickles and underneath terrifyingly unpruned trees. They also crossed not only the tricky Rivers of Deceit, but Lake Pombero (above), famed and feared for its strange purple waters that have been known to seize unsuspecting travellers and turn them into blueberries. Fortunately our crew were very suspecting (see Fig.1 below), there were no blueberry casualties and the cargo has now arrived safely at the Beloved Stockists, and subsequently Online. The Klah Gazette spoke to the Captain of the expedition, who reported no ration shortages or homesick night-snivellers, and indeed a general feeling of excitement amongst the cargo as they speculated on their new homes and owners. Who will they be? Will they be Wine-Drinkers, Cat-Ladies, Hobgoblins or Politicians? Will they like dancing & merriment or cold moonlit nights? Will they live in nests or castles, and do they keep their clothes in elegant wardrobes with gold trimmings, or on the floor where they can roam freely after dark while their owners are sleeping?

One conclusion was drawn: They will all have spectacular taste.


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