Klah’s Royal Master Artist Commences Teleporting Between the Hemispheres


After mincing around a bunch of castles and countries and canal boats in the Northern Hemisphere, acquiring a raging pair of sequinned leggings and many, many new allies with bittersweet partings, the Royal Master Artist has recently teleported back to the Southern Hemisphere and constructed a new studio, situated somewhere between New Zealand and Klah / a creek and a river, where the walls between universes are particularly thin. This means, although the darkroom for making new screens is still underway, printing is back on now! After digging a tunnel and donning a couple of high quality grasshopper costumes, The Klah Gazette has managed to secretly obtain this image of the new studio…


While in our surreptitious grasshopper costumes, listening to the many conversations the Royal Master Artist seems to have with her dog, we also obtained the information that there will be Kingdom of Klah portals at the Ngatimoti Festival this Sunday 22nd, and at the formally Culverden Fête, now The Christmas Country Fête in Waipara, Thursday 26th October. See you there citizens!